As we get closer to the official start of winter in Delaware and Pennsylvania and temperatures continue to drop, homeowners would be wise to consider whether they are prepared for winter storms ahead. While some may feel prepared for any weather coming our way, others will be scrambling to de-ice sidewalks and driveways and protect pipes after the fact. 

As your local Delaware and Pennsylvania real estate experts, the Kat Geralis Home Team is happy to provide a few suggestions to protect your property from winter weather and help you stay as stress-free as possible through these hectic holiday months.

Remember, the cold, winter conditions can wreak havoc on your home and it's important to take the following steps ahead of time:

Shut off outdoor faucets
Be sure to shut off inside valves for your outdoor faucets and unhook hoses. Any excess water left in the exterior faucets should be drained ahead of a snowfall in Delaware and Pennsylvania. When the temperatures dip low, the pipes leading to these faucets are susceptible to damage, so you might also consider wrapping them in a towel for added insulation.

Protect indoor pipes
Cold air can also put your indoor pipes at risk of bursting. Open your cabinet doors under the sink to allow warm air from your home to circulate inside. If necessary, you can always turn up the heat inside your Delaware or Pennsylvania home to warm up the pipes.

Clean the gutters
Prior to a snowstorm, your gutters should be clear of any leaves as ice dams can form and flood your home.

Purchase salt and sand
Sprinkling salt or sand ahead of a snowfall can actually cut down on your shoveling time! A few hours before the snowfall, toss on walkways and driveways to be safe.

Check carbon monoxide detectors
Gas appliances and wood-burning fireplaces have the potential to produce carbon monoxide, so it is always wise to conduct a routine check of your detectors. 

As your local Delaware and Pennsylvania real estate experts, the Kat Geralis Home Team is here to answer any questions you might have about buying or selling a home in the winter months—as well as year-round—so do not hesitate to contact us!

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