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September is here and before we know it, the leaves will be falling from the trees, the temperatures will be dropping, and we'll be in a holiday state of mind. But that doesn't mean your Delaware or Pennsylvania home can easily transition from one season to the next without any maintenance! As your local real estate experts, we have included five tasks to check off of your list before the fall season officially arrives.

Check driveway and paths for cracks
Summer can take a toll on your home's exterior, including the driveway and pathways surrounding the property. Take a close look to inspect for cracks and be sure to repair them before fall and winter arrive. If you don't, water could seep in and freeze and the cracks can become even larger.

Seal gaps
Inspect around windows and doorways for any gaps that could possibly let air escape out of your Delaware or Pennsylvania home this fall. You'll also want to check for gaps or holes in your foundation or under decks and porches that could prompt critters to take up residence where you don't want them to!

Clean gutters
Summer storms bring all kinds of debris to your yard and especially your gutters, so be sure clean them out to allow room for the leaves that will arrive this fall. If you fail to complete this home task, the poor drainage could wreak havoc on your roof and siding— or worse, the inside of your home. 

Replace furnace filters
Ask yourself how long it's been since you changed your furnace filter. It is always wise to replace the filter every few months, but it's even more important to do so before you begin running the HVAC system often in the fall. If you haven't had your HVAC inspected yet this year, now is the time to do so before the busy season arrives and a professional is not able to get to you!

Store outdoor furniture and tools
We can always have warm weather well into October, so simply keep an eye on the dropping temperatures to determine the best time to clean and store your outdoor furniture and garden tools for the season. If you don't own one, consider buying a cover for your outdoor furniture to shield it from the elements.

Ready to get started on your Delaware or Pennsylvania home search? Curious about your home value in today's market? Give the Kat Geralis Home Team a call today!

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It may not feel like it just yet, but spring will be here before we know it! And while home buyers are indeed scouring the market for the perfect home year-round these days, traffic tends to pick up significantly in the spring months. What does that mean for you as a Delaware or Pennsylvania home seller? It means your property must be in tip-top shape to outshine the others on the market and as your local real estate experts, we have included a few tasks below to help it do just that!

Be sure to complete the following tasks before listing your Delaware or Pennsylvania home:

Clean the gutters
Once the warm temperatures begin to set in, we're all eager to get outside again— but you're probably not in a hurry to venture up to the roof. Don't forget to take stock of your gutters, giving them a good cleaning before the spring is in full swing. If left unattended, gutters can begin to overflow and wreak havoc on your foundation or the interior of your home via water damage.

Wash the windows
Not only do clean windows allow for more light to enter your Southeastern PA home, but they give the impression that your home is tidy and well cared for. No matter what time of year you list your DE or PA home, be sure to give your windows a thorough washing!

Remove yard debris
Especially before having listing photos taken of your home, you'll want to make sure your home's curb appeal is on point. Yard debris in the form of tree limbs, twigs, and dead landscaping can really bring down the property's image for buyers. Take the time to clean up your yard—as well as clear walkways—and ensure it gives off a welcoming aura to buyers.

Store your winter tools
Before you invite buyers into your Wilmington, Newark, or Southeastern PA home, it is essential to store your winter tools, including shovels and rakes. Not only do these items give the feeling of clutter to your outdoor space, but it suggests to the buyers that the rest of the property is not organized and maintained.

Repair animal damage
During the colder months, it is not uncommon for outside critters to find a way in! Raccoons, birds, bats, mice, squirrels, you name it— they can easily take up residence in damaged siding, under the roofline, and in holes around your foundation. If you spot these damaged areas, it is key to repair them as soon as possible before buyers point them out themselves!

If you're thinking about selling your home in Wilmington DE or Southeastern PA this spring, give the Kat Geralis Home Team a call today! We are here to guide you through the entire process, starting with preparing your property for sale!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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