Tax Advantages for your Delaware Retirement

Tax Advantages for your Delaware Retirement

Tax Advantages for your Delaware RetirementSome of the "lowest real estate taxes" in the country

The Delaware real estate market provides an excellent opportunity for those looking for a Delaware retirement to take advantage of the state’s low property taxes. 

For those looking for a top rated place to retire, Northern Delaware is less than 2 hours from Manhattan, Baltimore and Washington D.C. and less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia. That's just the tip of the iceberg - read on to find out all the other tax advantages Delaware has to offer. 

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Retirement Real Estate Offers Even More Tax Advantages

If you are considering Delaware as your retirement home, chances are you are already aware of the beautiful beaches, towns, and surrounding area that are along our coast, but you may not be familiar with a few of the tax benefits associated with our state:

  1. No inheritance tax for most residents;
  2. No personal property taxes;
  3. No sales tax on most retail items purchased in the state;
  4. No Delaware tax on social security benefits for residents;
  5. An exclusion amount, depending on your age, of your pension benefits from being taxable by the state of Delaware regardless of what state you resided in when you worked;
  6. Low real estate property taxes.

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