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Join one of the TOP REAL ESTATE TEAMS in Wilmington!

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated associates for the following positions at The Wilmington Homes Group of Keller Williams:

Buyer's Agent: If you don’t have more leads than you can handle, let’s talk!

Do you have patience, perseverance, and people skills? Do you enjoy helping first-time home buyers and trade-up buyers accomplish their goals? In this position, I need a champion who can charge into the field on behalf of our buyer clients. You need to be a good listener and have excellent follow-up skills on buyer leads. Your mission is to convert leads to appointments, appointments to buyer agreements, and buyer agreements to home purchase contracts. 

This year is going to be HUGE for Delaware home buyers and I need a pro that doesn’t let go! Buyer Agent experience preferred, but top performers who truly care about delivering excellent service will be considered. You will also get the benefit of high-caliber KW training and have an unlimited earning potential.

Distressed Property /REO Specialist

Do you have excellent organizational skills and like detail? Do you work well with structure, tasks and deadlines? Experience with using programs like Equator or RES.NET are a plus! In this position, you will be responsible for processing and managing Bank Owned, foreclosures as well as communicating with various Asset Managers on a regular basis.  Only those with a strong work ethic and a high degree of integrity should apply. Experience in REO sales preferred, and you are more than welcome to transfer your current properties into our system. Bring your best efforts to the table and I’ll show you unlimited income potential in Delaware’s distressed property market!

For All Positions, You Need the Following:

  • Delaware real estate license 
  • Thorough understanding of contracts and negotiable elements 
  • Knowledge of mortgage types and loss mitigation practices (REO Agent)
  • Knowledge of mortgage types and qualifying basics (Buyer Agent)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Positive, can-do attitude
  • Results driven
  • Genuine concern for clients
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Personal motivation for success
  • Professional behavior and attire 
  • Reliable transportation
  • Local knowledge of schools, community resources, quality of life

What You Can Expect in Return:

  • Best training and coaching in the industry through KW systems
  • Six-figure income potential plus bonuses
  • Residual income potential 
  • Personal mentoring
  • Qualified leads through our systems
  • Opportunity to lead as your business grows
  • Administrative support / access to specialized virtual assistant team 
  • Access to professional network of attorneys, lenders, title companies, etc.
  • Positive, encouraging environment 

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10 Compelling Reasons to Become a Keller Williams Associate!

Do you want to take your real estate career to a higher level? Would you like the opportunity to be a business partner in the #1 real estate company in the United States? Here are 10 compelling reasons to become a Keller Williams Associate!

1. Keller Williams offers the best compensation structure in the industry, giving you the opportunity to keep 100% of your commissions!

2. Keller Williams offers Profit Share and Growth Share programs that enable you to create a passive income stream for life!

3. Keller Williams associates are treated as business partners – not employees!

4. Keller Williams provides unsurpassed training, education, and coaching, with resources available on demand!

5. Keller Williams is “agent-centric” – meaning that the company puts the best interests of its agents at the forefront of company decisions.

6. Keller Williams created eEdge, the industry’s first comprehensive lead-to-close system, for the exclusive use of its agents.

7. In 2012, Keller Williams was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by home buyers for the third consecutive year. Keller Williams was also ranked #1 by home sellers during 2012, for the second consecutive year.

8. Keller Williams fosters a “Culture of Caring” by giving back to local communities during the annual “RED Day” event. There is also a Keller Williams charity to aid associates and their families during times of unexpected and extreme hardships.

9. Keller Williams is a global company in the midst of expansion! Lines of business include Keller Williams Realty, Luxury Homes by Keller Williams, and KW Commercial.

10. As your Keller Williams recruiter for Delaware, I will help you succeed!

Have a few more questions? Contact me! I’ll be happy to tell you more about my own career with Keller Williams Realty, and why I’m convinced they are the best real estate company for professional real estate agents, home buyers, and home sellers!

Katina Geralis
Wilmington, DE Real Estate Expert
Keller Williams Realty

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Faster Short Sale Process Helps Distressed Home Sellers in Delaware!

by Katina Geralis

You may recall from a prior blog post that short sale changes were in the works for mortgage loans backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Those rule changes became effective November 1, 2012, and Freddie Mac is calling the new short sale process a success!

While it hasn't been quite three months since the new processes became official, Freddie claims that short sale timelines are now faster by 50 to 75%!

This has many positive implications for Delaware real estate. A faster, more effective short sale process means that more deals will be successfully completed, instead of falling through due to delays. As a result, we will see fewer homes entering foreclosure, which is good news for property values.

Since the Mortgage Debt Relief Act has been extended, there is good incentive for distressed homeowners in Wilmington and Newark to pursue a short sale. All together, this news brightens the picture for Delaware home sales in 2013!

Here are highlights of the new short sale process for loans backed by Fannie and Freddie:

1. Homeowners who successfully complete a short sale can get up to $3,000 in relocation assistance.

2. The mortgage servicer on the "front lines" - namely the company that collects your mortgage payments - is authorized to approve short sales for qualifying situations. No more second-level reviews by Fannie/Freddie.

3. The mortgage servicer must acknowledge receipt of a short sale request within 3 days of its arrival.

4. If your home does not have any additional mortgages or liens that require third-party approval, the mortgage servicer needs to either approve or deny your short sale request within 30 days. If they need more time to make a decision for any reason, weekly status updates must be issued to the homeowner.

5. The short sale process should not exceed 60 days, even if another lien holder is involved.

There's just one catch to all this: in order for the above rules to apply, you must have a mortgage loan that is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. You can use the loan look-up tool on their websites to determine this; just click on the links above.

If you are a homeowner in Wilmington or Newark with a personal hardship, and you want to sell your home but you have negative equity - let me help! I have extensive experience in short sales and foreclosures, and I can guide you through the options that are available. I also have tips on avoiding foreclosure on my website.

First-time buyers who may be interested in purchasing a home through a short sale should attend a free home buying seminar! Be prepared for the opportunities in Delaware real estate by attending one of the upcoming seminars below. Just register for the date and time that work best for you!


Contact me for expert help with any of your real estate questions!

Katina Geralis
Wilmington, DE Real Estate Expert
Keller Williams Realty

Wilmington Real Estate
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Delaware Short Sales Benefit From Debt Relief Extension

by Katina Geralis

There was good news for Delaware homeowners in the recent budget deal passed by Congress. While debates still continue over other fiscal policies, the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 has been extended! I'll explain why it matters to Delaware short sellers and homeowners alike!

Say for example you do a short sale, and the bank has a loss of $40,000. If your lender forgives this debt, you're off the hook, right?

Not in the view of the IRS. They consider forgiven debt as "income" because you received the benefit of the money without paying it back. Imagine having to pay income tax on $40,000 when you've already been through a hardship! This is exactly why the Mortgage Debt Relief Act is so important, as it keeps the IRS at bay.

The MDRA is also important to Delaware home owners! It makes short sales an attractive alternative to foreclosure - and short sales do not impact the market as harshly. When a bank sells a foreclosed home, the price can be discounted up to 30%. The discounted sale becomes a part of the market comparisons used by property appraisers. Homes located near foreclosures witness a steep drop in value as a result. Even if you are not planning to sell your home immediately, it can take years for your home value to recover.

Short sales are the better alternative because they list for current market value and are not discounted as sharply, if at all. They also keep homeowners engaged in a solution, which prevents home abandonment and neighborhood blight!

If you are a homeowner in Wilmington or Newark who is struggling with mortgage payments, or you want to sell your home but you have negative equity - let me help! I have extensive experience in short sales and foreclosures, and I can guide you through the options that are available. I also have tips on avoiding foreclosure on my website.

Need more information about buying a Wilmington or Newark home? As your experienced real estate professional I'm here to help you! I can also refer you to FREE home buying seminars! Take a look at the upcoming schedule, and register for the date you prefer!

Contact me for neighborhood price trends, recent sales, and expert guidance in our fast-changing real estate market!

Katina Geralis
Wilmington, DE Real Estate Expert
Keller Williams Realty

Wilmington Real Estate
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