It is no secret that mortgage rates won't be this low forever and as a result, many Greater Wilmington DE homeowners are thinking about refinancing. Refinancing can indeed save you thousands if you strike while rates are low, however, this is one real estate topic that comes packaged with dozens of myths.

Below are three common refinancing myths that end up holding Southeastern Pennsylvania homeowners back from saving money on their loan:

1. You're Too Late to Refinance
If hearing about rising rates has caused you to hit pause on your decision to refinance, think again! You most definitely have not missed your chance to save on your mortgage. As long as your lender confirms that refinancing will indeed lower your monthly payment and you are on the same page with the costs associated with the refinance, now is still a great time to make it happen!

2. You Won't Qualify
Even if you are trying to improve your credit or have recently switched jobs, you may still be able to qualify for a refinance. Don't let this hold you back from inquiring! The best course of action is to meet with a local lender to discuss your options and your eligibility as many requirements are beginning to loosen again and you could be surprised!

3. You'll Have to Reset the Term to 30 Years
If a refinance could be favorable for you, but you've already paid off decades of your home loan, don't jump right into thinking the term will be reset to the 30 year mark. Perhaps the best move during your refinancing is not the standard 30-year loan, but a shorter term ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). Consider your future plans and the time you plan to live in your current home as a shorter loan could still allow you to save and when the higher rate sets in, you may be ready to sell and move on!

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