Regardless of how many times you have been through the process of buying a Delaware or Pennsylvania home, it is easy to get distracted by such features as updated bathrooms, spacious backyards, and even items like light fixtures and appliance colors. There is so much more that should go into your decision to purchase a specific property in DE or PA— including real estate red flags that even your home inspection could miss!

As your real estate experts in Delaware and Pennsylvania, we have rounded up four red flags to keep an eye on while shopping for homes so you can anticipate costs and ultimately weigh your options:

Depending on the age of your potential new home, any leaks could have dried up with the water being turned off and not arise until it is fully functioning again. The best place to spot leaks is under cabinets where you could notice water damage or moisture around drain traps. Remember, if the leak is not present on the day of your inspection, the inspector will likely not be able to point it out!

Structural Damage
This is a major red flag for any homebuyer in Delaware and Pennsylvania and while your inspector will know what a roof and foundation should look like, they will not be able to tell you how bad a problem is or how much it will cost. They will likely refer you to a structural engineer who will be able to break down cost to repair and when indeed you need to remedy the problem.

Electrical Issues
This is another red flag that could be more prevalent depending on the age of your home. Your inspector may point out disconnects in the electrical or wires that need updating to comply with current codes, however they will not always be able to list the exact source of the disconnect. You will need to bring in an electrician to identify specific costs and dig a little deeper to find the root of the problem listed in the inspection report.

HVAC Problems
Any problems with your HVAC system can be quite costly, but keep in mind that your system may be functioning properly while temperatures are moderate but could fail once they begin to take drastic turns— for instance, in the deep winter or heat of summer. The only way to identify potential problems is to hire an HVAC specialist who can assess how much longer your HVAC system has left or if parts look in need of repair or replacing.

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