If you haven't heard about the latest and greatest from the real estate world, you'll want to put iBuying Programs on your radar! 

iBuying real estate companies essentially allow motivated sellers to submit their properties to buyers who can make an instant cash offer.

eXp has just debuted their iBuying Program, called Express Offers, and while currently only available in select markets, plans to expand the program into more states by the end of the year. 

Express Offers, eXp's iBuying platform, allows agents to submit their sellers' homes to several institutional investors who are able to make an instant cash offer. In addition, the agent can submit the home to more than one investor to yield multiple offers for their sellers— whereas many other iBuying programs only allow for one instant offer at a given time.

Why is this appealing to sellers? iBuyers allow home sellers the opportunity to unload their home quickly, equalling a faster sale and avoiding traditional marketing.

If iBuying Programs are something that strikes a chord with you or you're interested to learn more, keep reading for a few key facts on what you should know:

  • iBuying Programs typically look for homes that meet specific requirements, IE. age of the home, condition, improvements needed.
  • Offer prices are often less than the current market value due to the iBuyer wanting to make a profit (and likely quick!).
  • iBuying Programs can cost you more in fees, potentially ranging from 13 to 15 percent of a home's sale price.

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