The dog days of summer are here!

And while we're all certainly enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine, the summer heat can bring about a rise in utility bills for Delaware and Pennsylvania homeowners.

There are dozens of ways to keep mounting utility costs at bay for the rest of the summer and as your Delaware and Pennsylvania real estate experts, I'm sharing some with you below!

Clean your air filters
It's important to clean your air filters to keep your heating and cooling bills down this summer. When filters are dirty, these systems have to work much harder and use much more energy to function properly. With clean filters, your home can run as it is meant to and help bring down your utility bills.

Install a new thermostat
If you haven't already, consider installing a new thermostat in your Delaware or Pennsylvania home. A programmable model can control your home's temperature at various times of the day—for instance, when you're sleeping or out of the house—to keep costs low. These types of thermostats can reduce your energy usage drastically this summer.

Add mulch
Summer is a popular season for planting flowers, vegetables and herbs, but that also means you'll be watering more often. Adding mulch into your landscaping will help to slow evaporation, keep the water on the ground longer and allow you to water less frequently.

Apply window film or curtains
To keep the hot summer sun out of your home and reduce cooling costs, Delaware and Pennsylvania homeowners can install curtains or window film. Installing window film is as simple as measuring your window size, cutting the film and applying it to your window; this will help to block the heat from entering your home.

If you're ready to begin house-hunting in Delaware or Pennsylvania this summer or contemplating selling your home, contact the Kat Geralis Home Team today! 

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