When you've decided to list your home in Delaware or Pennsylvania, it may seem like your to-do list grows longer and longer. You will need to start searching for a new home, clearing the clutter and packing up to make your move a bit easier when the time comes. But it doesn't end there! One more added stress for you may be keeping your home buyer-ready for showings.

There are dozens of little tasks you can check off to prepare your home for a showing in minutes and as your local real estate experts in Delaware and Pennsylvania, I am sharing a few with you below!

Mop or vacuum
Complete a quick cleaning of the floors in your entryway, kitchen and bathrooms. If necessary, spot clean debris on the floor with a sponge or towel.

Dust screens and furniture
The last thing a buyer wants to see if dust lingering in the air or on your furniture. Dust your coffee table or end tables, TV screens and computer monitors before they arrive.

Remove clutter from counters
Small appliances, knick knacks, mail and other miscellaneous items should be cleared off of counters and stored elsewhere. After you've removed these, wipe down all of the counters to ensure they are clean.

Make the beds
This task takes just a few minutes and can make a world of difference in helping a room look put together. 

Empty trash cans
You do not want any lingering odors in your home when buyers arrive for a showing, so make sure all trash cans have been emptied.

Turn on the lights
Letting light into your Delaware or Pennsylvania home can help it feel lighter, airier and larger. Turn on all of the lights in your home and open the blinds or drapes to let in more sun. If necessary, clean your windows so they are free of streaks.

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