Today's homebuyers are constantly looking for neighborhoods with the right balance of homes and stores, the perfect mix of living and entertainment. 

In fact, according to a National Association of Realtors Community Preference Survey, those in the market to purchase a home (60 percent to be exact) were found to favor neighborhoods with a mix of homes, stores, and other businesses that are easy to walk around. 

So if you find yourself ready to purchase a new home in Delaware or Pennsylvania this year, it's important to know you might need to act quickly to beat other buyers on your dream home in a desired neighborhood. As your local Delaware and Pennsylvania real estate experts, we've included some tips below for choosing the right neighborhood, including how to know when a neighborhood is about to take off in terms of popularity.

New Homes Going Up
New homes being built in the area is a great sign that the area is about to take off— not only residential housing, but retail as well. When you begin to see large-scale developments in an area of Delaware or Pennsylvania, that can be a tip-off that there is progress happening and an interest among those who live nearby to spend more time there.

On a smaller scale, another big tip is to look for a Starbucks going in. The coffee giant spends a lot of money on market research to determine their new locations.

Trendy Places Going Up
It's not just the amount of retail or entertainment establishments going in, but the quality of them that matters in Delaware and Pennsylvania real estate. If you're a homebuyer, look for new spaces like juice bars, organic restaurants, boutique hotels and the like to determine how an area will function. These types of places tend to mimic the type of neighborhood they're surrounded by.

Location, Location, Location
Again, this real estate mantra holds true for Delaware and Pennsylvania homebuyers looking for the next big thing in neighborhoods. When communities are on the cusp of a major metropolitan area or busier city, more people tend to take interest. For instance, many homebuyers get priced out of major metropolitan areas and look for homes in outlying communities to be close to the hubbub, but at a better price.

Want more tips on choosing the right place to live or finding the right Delaware or Pennsylvania homes for you and your family? Let's discuss what areas will fit with your homebuyer needs and wants!

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