Let’s face it. The economy still isn’t in the best shape and many homeowners in Wilmington, DE are without a job. When it has become impossible to stay on top of your mortgage payments, the possibility of foreclosure becomes a frightening reality. However, if you face the fact that foreclosure is looming and you are proactive, it can be avoided with a short sale.

While it’s certainly a favorable alternative to a foreclosure, a short sale is still emotionally and financially daunting. Though it’s not ideal compared to a traditional home sale, you’ll be able to bounce back more quickly than if your lender decides to proceed with a foreclosure.

If you’re unfamiliar, a short sale occurs when a homeowner sells his or her home for a lower price than the amount due on the mortgage. All of the earnings made on the sale of the home go directly to the lender and the remaining balance of the mortgage is forgiven. Not all lenders will accept a short sale, so the first thing you should do is consult with your bank to see if a short sale is a possibility.

In the event that you’ve decided to proceed with a short sale on your Wilmington, DE home, I’ve assembled a few tips to help you navigate the short sale process with as little stress as possible.

  1. Talk to people

After you’ve determined your lender will cooperate with a short sale, the first thing you should do is talk to a CPA, a real estate attorney and a Wilmington, DE real estate agent. These three parties will be key allies throughout your short sale journey.

  1. Find a local real estate agent

Ideally, this will be me! I’m well versed in the Wilmington, DE real estate market and have extensive experience helping distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure with short sales. My team and I are ready and willing to help.

  1. Determine your home’s value and list it accordingly

Your lender is going to want to see your Wilmington, DE home listed as close to market value as possible. Work with an appraiser to determine the true value of your home and list it slightly above market value. The right price should attract homebuyers and satisfy your lender at the same time.

  1. Gather your documents

Once you’ve received an offer on your Wilmington, DE home the battle isn’t quite over. You now need to submit a letter of hardship, tax returns, pay stubs and various other documents to your lender for review. Make sure you have included everything that is required so the bank has no excuse to delay the short sale process.

  1. Negotiate

There will be a period of 30 – 45 days before you will hear anything from your lender regarding your short sale. If the homebuyer’s offer is within 5% of the price at which the home was appraised and all of your documents have been submitted, the short sale should be approved.

I hope these tips for listing your Wilmington, DE home as a short sale have been helpful. If you find yourself in a position where you fear your home might go into foreclosure, please contact me. My team and I will help you with your short sale every step of the way.

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