You've listed your Delaware or Pennsylvania home for sale and are ready to sit back and watch the offers roll in— after all, isn't it a seller's market? But the opposite happens. Maybe you've received a few offers, but they're too low. Maybe you've had showings, but no serious interest. Your home isn't selling as quickly as you'd like and you want to know why.

As your local real estate experts, we have compiled a list below of four common reasons why your Delaware or Pennsylvania home might not be selling in today's real estate market. 

You priced too high
When pricing your home, it's important to price with today's buyer in mind, as well as comparable properties in the area. If you price according to your emotions, you may be tempted to price too high— especially with all of the memories you have tied to the property. It is not uncommon for home sellers to believe their property is worth more than the market dictates, which can ultimately keep them from moving on.

It needs work
As a homeowner in Delaware or Pennsylvania, making repairs is always wise prior to listing as it will help you avoid problems during the inspection. But that's not all! Even small updates like fresh paint can boost your home's sale price! If you choose to leave everything as is, flaws and all, you could discourage buyers from taking any real interest or being scared away by the thought of what else the home may need repaired.

You're inflexible
Today's homebuyers are constantly searching for properties on their smartphones, their computers, you name it. If your property has made a buyer's short list and they attempt to schedule a showing, you will need to be flexible with your schedule to allow them inside. Making this process difficult for them can cause your home to "sit" on the market longer than necessary.

Clutter is king
Home staging can help a property sell both quicker and for more money, so be sure to follow at least a few of its guidelines! One of those is removing clutter. If your Delaware or Pennsylvania home is filled with large furniture that makes the space feel small, knick knacks, and other personal items, you could risk turning off a buyer immediately.

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